Wallbox DarkSeries LCD 22Kw (Automatic 6A to 32A)

Wallbox DarkSeries LCD 22Kw (Automatic 6A to 32A)
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Wallbox series

22 kW, (plug type 2 and cable 5 m)

Suitable for all electric cars

With dynamic load control

Note: The wall wall of the series can be configured in the act of installation in both single phase and three phase.

DARK Wallbox Type 2 IEC62196 32 Amps - 400V- Hose Mode 3 recharge point compatible with IEC 61851-1

• Connector Type 2 - IEC62196 on the side of the vehicle

• Backlight of the status of the Recaga, LCD screen and menu with the possibility of modifying recharge intensity

• 5 m long hose

• Variable recharge speed between 6 and 32 amps. 400V. Adjustable maximum power (Max 22 kW)

• Possibility of modifying the intensity during recharging

• Box in ABS plastic - IP54 - IK10 • Includes support for the hose

• Possibility of configuration both in single phase and in three phase

An ideal solution for recharging electric vehicles in private garages

(family houses and community parking spaces) and also in companies.

You have the possibility to connect to the Cloud WallboxOK platform for online administration, remotely through the cloud.

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